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Call for Participation of Early Career Researchers Lorentz Center workshop: Conserving Art and Nature

From Monday 29th of August to Friday 2nd of September 2022 Maartje Stols-Witlox, Clemens Driessen, Katrien Keune, Sven Dupré, and Mans Schepers, organize the Lorentz Center workshop:

Conserving Art and Nature

Lorentz Center@ Snellius– Leiden, The Netherlands

Scientific Topic

For centuries, specialists in art conservation and nature conservation have been developing strategies to conserve, preserve, and protect cultural and natural heritage. Until now, these fields have developed independently of each other. Starting from the premise that fixating in time or restoring into a former “pure” state are essentially flawed ideals in caring for both nature and the arts, this workshop brings together researchers from both domains for a fruitful cross-disciplinary dialogue on the challenges of decision-making and the sustainable management of change. Together, we will evaluate and reconsider our practices as well as the central concepts and motivations that guide our work and develop a shared vision on conservation as care for change.

Workshop Format

Lorentz Workshops@Snellius are scientific meetings for small groups of up to 25 participants, including both senior and early career researchers. Lorentz Center meetings dedicate a considerable amount of time to discussion sessions, thus stimulating an interactive atmosphere and encouraging collaborations between participants. As the workshop is built on interaction and discussion, we consider it a condition for participation that you attend the full five days of the workshop.

Costs and Refunds

The Lorentz Center does not charge registration fees. In addition, a welcome reception and a workshop dinner are offered to you, both free of charge. If you live further away, you are provided with accommodation, and the Lorentz Center will reimburse your travel expenses.


If you are an early career researcher (a graduate or PhD student or a postdoctoral researcher less than 6 years after the award of your PhD degree) and interested in participating, please submit a CV (max. 2 pages) and a short motivation (ca. 300 words) by 15th of May 2022 to the workshop website (click register). Here you will also find more information about the workshop and the program.