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Launching the Platform for Responsible Editorial Policies (PREP)

The Platform for Responsible Editorial Policies (PREP) is now live!

PREP is an online platform contributing to the responsible organisation of editorial procedures by scholarly journals. It facilitates journal editors to become transparent about their editorial procedures, advises journal editors and publishers on potential improvements of their peer review procedures, presents integrated information about the variety of review procedures currently in use, maintains a database of journals’ current peer review formats, and provides information and tools for responsible use of journal metrics, along with an overview of similar initiatives.

This means PREP can be useful for STS researchers by providing data about journals and peer review, either for research purposes or for education (in visually attractive ways). However, maybe you are also an editor, in which case you may want to join the movement for more transparency of editorial journal policies by sharing how your journal is organised, or by signing our transparency declaration.

Please have a look at https://www.responsiblejournals.org.