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ARTECHNE – Technique in the Arts, 1500-1950


15 - 17 November 2018
University of Amsterdam, CREA Facilities, The Netherlands

Mariana Pinto will present paper on pigment analysis of paint samples in nineteenth-century England at The Making of the Humanities VII Conference

The MoH conferences are organized by the Society for the History of the Humanities and bring together scholars and historians interested in the history of a wide variety of disciplines, including archaeology, art history, historiography, linguistics, literary studies, media studies, musicology, and philology, tracing these fields from their earliest developments to the modern day. The University of Amsterdam will host the 7th Making of the Humanities conference at its CREA facilities, from 15 till 17 November 2018.

On the first day of the conference, Mariana Pinto will give a presentation on Chemists in the Field of Archaeology: Pigment Analysis of Paint Samples in Nineteenth-Century England. Her paper is part of the panel ‘Boundary Work and Work Across the Boundaries: The Humanities and the Sciences in the Long Nineteenth Century’. Other speakers in this panel are Fabian Krämer and Josephine Musil-Gutsch (commentator Sven Dupré). For the full programme of the conference, please visit the MoH website.