ARTECHNE – Technique in the Arts, 1500-1950


Marleen Schans MA

Marleen Schans works as project manager for the ERC funded project ‘ARTECHNE: Technique in the Arts, 1500-1950: Concepts, Practices, Expertise’. She studied Language and Culture Studies at Utrecht University and specialised in modern and contemporary art, photography and illustration.

In 2019, she graduated with a master’s degree in Museum Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Interested in decolonial musuem practice and research, she focused her thesis on the practice in museums of modern and contemporary art. She analysed the permanent collection displays of three different museums of modern and contemporary art and how these displays use art from the collection to reflect on and/or relate to colonial history. During her master’s, she worked as planner and education coordinator at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and as project assistant at Cargo in Context.