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ARTECHNE – Technique in the Arts, 1500-1950


20 - 21 April 2016
Royal School of Library and Information Science, UCPH, Copenhagen

Presentation by Sven Dupré at symposium ‘When Information Came of Age’ in Copenhagen

The term ‘information technology’ is often embedded in a view of information that is closely related to computing. The history of this concept is, however, much broader with traces back to the Middle Ages. When this history is neglected, information is simply tied to a post-1945 modern society, and thus appears to be an impoverished, diffuse, or even ahistorical concept. This symposium will therefore gather diverse types of researchers in order to challenge this fundamentally ahistorical understanding, and challenge restricted notions about the information age. Sven Dupré will give a presentation titled ‘The Role of the Arts in the Making of an Early Modern Knowledge Society’.

The symposium takes place at the Royal School of Library and Information Science, UCPH, Copenhagen, on April 20th 2016.The symposium is followed by a workshop on April 21st for contributors to a special issue of temp about the history of the information society.

No participation fee.
Deadline for registration: April 14 2016.
For registration and more information, please contact Laura Skouvig: laura.skouvig@hum.ku.dk
The full programme of the symposium can be downloaded here: