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ARTECHNE – Technique in the Arts, 1500-1950


Register Now: ERC Refashioning the Renaissance Conference at the Aalto University, Finland

Registration is now open for the ERC Refashioning the Renaissance Conference on Everyday Dress and the Reconstruction of Early Modern Material Culture, 1550–1650, which will take place from 10-13 September 2020 at the Aalto University, Espoo/Helsinki, Finland. With a Keynote from ARTECHNE’s Sven Dupré on 12 September.

This international conference develops new perspectives in early modern dress and fashion history by asking two interrelated key questions: How did fashion beyond groups of wealthy elites develop in early modern Europe, and how can we gain access to the culture of lower social groups when so few garments survive, and sources about clothes are fragmentary? Combining archival, material, and pictorial evidence with experimental hands-on work and reconstruction, this conference explores the key agents of fashion change at the lower social levels in Early Modern Europe, and investigates how experimental work and material-based approaches can help us understand and access early modern dress and material culture.

An exhibition presenting the results of the Refashioning project will be open for conference participants.

We also have limited places available for our hands-on silk fibre preparation workshop on Sunday 13 September.

For more information about the programme and registration, visit: http://refashioningrenaissance.eu/conference/.