ARTECHNE – Technique in the Arts, 1500-1950


Summer course: From Print to Paint: Histories and Methods of Artistic Production

The course From Print to Paint: Histories and Methods of Artistic Production will immerse you in discussions related to artistic production and (re-)making, materials and materiality, and techniques and technology. It integrates research methods typical for the humanities and historical disciplines with practical work in your home lab. You will be introduced to issues in artistic production through online lectures and readings. You can go through this part of the course at your own pace during the first week. The second week of the course consists of hands-on experimentation with several materials and techniques. Towards the end of each day during week two, there will be a virtual discussion session with all students to reflect upon the practical work of that day, and students are expected to complete the experiments prior to the discussion.

The course consists of a week’s workload, but is stretched out to two weeks to accommodate those who will be partaking the course remotely while working. You will have four weeks (5 to 30 July 2021) to access the course materials through an online platform and write the paper if you want to earn credits. Upon completion, you will have deepened your knowledge in the histories and theories of artistic production.

Students who wish to take this course should have some academic training, as there will be substantial readings. This course is also suitable for MA and PhD students who wish to apply performative methods as a methodology and learn practical skills, as no previous experience in artistic production and making is required. However, course credits can only be issued at a bachelor’s level. The application deadline is 15 April.

You can read the full programme here.

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For more information, you can email the course director Jessie Chen.