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ARTECHNE – Technique in the Arts, 1500-1950


Zoom-conference: ”Past and Present in Mathematical Weaving”

On the 25th of September, 2020, the projects Symbolic Material and Weaving of the excellence cluster “Matters of Activity” are organising a zoom-conference on the topic of “Past and Present in Mathematical Weaving”. The projects aim to examine the historical and contemporary interweaving of mathematics and weaving practices, and to see how from antiquity to the novel approaches of…

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Coronavirus, Social Memory and Resilience. A competition for artistic research

Are you an artist who works in the Netherlands or do you have a strong relationship with The Netherlands? Then consider participating in the artistic research competition into the memory of epidemics and the role of art and artists in this. Three winners will each receive 5000 euros. Utrecht University, the Centraal Museum and ZonMw…

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Recently Published: ‘Towards the Rebuilding of an Italian Renaissance-Style Wooden Organ’ by Walter Chinaglia

The organ builder Walter Chinaglia has recently published first results of his reconstruction of an early organ. This volume describes his ongoing project to (re)construct an Italian Renaissance organo di legno (organ with wooden pipes), modelled after an instrument at the Hofkirche in Innsbruck. The author creatively combines the use of historical tools and materials,…

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: The Getty Research Institute and the Getty Villa

Getty Research Institute: The Fragment. The 2021/2022 academic year at the Getty Research Institute will continue the theme of the fragment. Issues regarding the fragment have been present since the beginning of art history and archaeology. Many objects of study survive in physically fragmented forms, and any object, artwork, or structure may be conceived of as…

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: ‘Studies of Belonging’, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences will be hosting a conference on Studies of Belonging from 9-11 June 2021 in Amsterdam. This 3-day conference aims to set the agenda for future interdisciplinary, international collaborations that bring together a broad variety of perspectives on the issue of belonging. For this conference…

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